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Journey of discovering Incarnate Wisdom

Jenny Cortez

As I remember in the reading of John 1: 35-42, the disciple says… "Teacher where are you staying?” He said to them “Come and see”, they came and saw where he was staying and they remained with him that day.

Since I entered the pre-novitiate, my hunger for knowledge and understanding of spirituality and other information regarding the Congregation has been so great. As each day goes by, my curiosity increases and my interest expands as I encounter and learn new things.

The courses have widened my knowledge and understanding of spirituality and strengthened my faith.
Each day, I encountered new things that compelled me to the next level, as I continued asking questions to my community and other Sisters. They amazed me by their journeys. They filled the gap of my quest as they shared their stories, insights, ideas, opinions, faith, love, knowledge, understanding, courage, support and wisdom.  These things enriched my spirituality more and more and made me discover even more.

The Sisters who walked with me during these 3 first months helped me to discover and learn new things that made me enthusiastic and alive in knowing things that I should know. I did not want to miss anything.

An open door of service I have experienced in Ottawa was first in the St Joseph Parish as a lector and was secondly in “Maison Accueil-Sagesse” at the   Notre- Dame community where I volunteered. These apostolate works helped build my self-confidence, enhance my apostolic skills, meet various people, and build interpersonal and social relationships as well as improve my French.

Every minute, activities and events that I have experienced in different communities in Canada gave me strength, courage and perseverance in this journey. Their love, compassion, support and prayers were an everlasting gift to me. I am grateful to all the Daughters of Wisdom for all that I have received. I am truly   home and the examples they have shown me draw me more to become a Daughter of Wisdom.

Thank you very much for the opportunity that I experienced with all the Sisters in Canada.

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