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Here I am Lord

The poem I made inspired me for my entrance ceremony for pre-novitiate to Daughters of Wisdom was based on the 2 readings (Jer 1:4-10 and John 1:35-45) relates to my journey as an aspirant.

Here I am Lord

I was conceive in my mother’s womb
In God’s blessing and grace,
my parents nurtured me
God have a plan for everyone and definitely had one for me.

Your open door invitation to your discipleship is always there,
You have looked deep into my heart and you know all about me.
You have patiently waited for my wings to spread fully
And see the entire horizon
before I answered thee.

Your fervent call to serve you never once faded out.
Your voice persistently echoes in my ears
and keeps me awake at night.
The desire to respond I no longer can ignore.
I paused, prayed and meditated.
Reaching out my hands to you with total surrender
I cried and voiced out my desire to answer your call.
A call of an invitation to “Come and See
To seek, ponder and listen to your call.

A journey of discernment, I came to experience
The love, tranquility, solitude of one self
The congregation that shared my desire and joy,
I felt I finally belong.
As I commit myself to your discipleship,
I thank you Lord for your trust in me as you keep inviting me
And as I take my first step to answer your call, I say …
Yes, Here I am, Lord I accept the grace you are granting me.


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