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Wisdom has pitched HER TENT among us...


These past 2 weeks of International Session on our spirituality for formators at all levels, at St. Laurent sur Sevres, at our Mother House, served as an ‘UNEXPECTED, FANTASTIC BRIDGE.’ We were 58 Daughters of Wisdom from 18 countries including our 5 facilitators : Elvira ( Spain ) General Councillors ,the liaison person with the General Council, Ann Nielson ( US )the coordinator, Nadige Jean Claude ( Haiti ) Lourdes Alonso ( Spain ) and Nanci Bogliolo ( Argentine ). From the Philippines we were three : Helene  Alic, Nancy David and myself.

Wisdom has pitched HER TENT among us all and she continually invites us to HER BANQUET , were the two images that we deepened during this  spirituality session. I realized to a greater depth how Gentle Wisdom has journeyed with me my whole life long and how she keeps inviting me to her Delicious Banquet with Her everlasting love. Because of this past experience of my journey with Wisdom I know deep in my heart that wherever the ministry will call me to go may it be Rome, Congo, Madagascar, Haiti, Indonesia, India, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines, Wisdom will always be present with her compassionate love.

An exhaustive content was presented to us where some new aspects of our spirituality appeared and were very challenging for us Daughters of Wisdom., The uplifting, prayerful and creative liturgical celebrations, the enriching sharing among so many nationalities, and most of all the sacred environment of our Mother House where we met Wisdom, Mary, our Founders so present to us along with the praying and suffering sisters of the communities , made up the BRIDGE  that I  badly needed. How wonderful Wisdom was, is and shall be for me !

As a conclusion I would like to quote a verse from last Sunday 1st reading that touched me: “ Who has learned your counsel, unless you have given wisdom and sent your Holy Spirit from on high.” And so October 4, 2007, will see me flying from the Philippines to Rome with a free, burning heart for the MISSION.

Desneiges Giroux




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