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From Mission To Mission

November 18,2007 to March 12,2008
By Desneiges Giroux, fdls

A big challenge awaited me in the Major Seminary of Bomana in the capital of Port Moresby, where 28 religious and diocesan priests plus Archbishop John Ribat, MSC attended a seminar workshop on Integral Human Development for 2 weeks, from January 7 to 21. Since we worked together as a team Gilles Côté, Bishop of Daru-Kiunga Diocese  and myself the task was delightful. All the participants showed so much openness, and eagerness to change their lives, to grow to become greater lovers of God, people and  creation. It was such a fulfilling challenge. One participant wrote joyfully a poem from his experience.


We are all on a journey
In pursuit of a goal.
Otherwise life is meaningless
And we are no better than a fool.

On this journey called life,
We need to slowly develop
Conviction, prayer and action together
And lots and lots of hope.

Our journey must go on and on
With regular pauses to reflect and assess,
Not to turn back and run away,
But be aware of all life’s stages.

It’s a journey that’s relational.
Though it must start from within,
It affects you and me and everybody.
So let’s face it with  loving will.

We need to become competent
For this is a long journey.
Keep going on with faithfulness
And with a sense of creativity.

So let’s journey together
Towards inner freedom,
With a heart of love
We’ll reach God’s Kingdom.

by Romel , svd from the Philippines,
missionary in PNG

Other comments :

“ Now I can say that it helped me a lot especially on how to manage anger and cope with stress. It made me a more respectful and understanding person. I learned a lot about myself and others that I am a unique person made in the image and likeness of God.”  ( Peter Kim, svd, Korean, missionary in PNG)

“ It has created a new awakening of my senses and I have learned how to respond to my feelings and emotions especially in the area of anger and stress.” ( Michael Donovan svd Ireland, missionary in PNG)

“ I’ve always longed to become a better person but I didn’t have the tools. Now, during this seminar I learned a lot about life, especially my own life: how to nurture it, take care of it, and  be able to share it. I got a lot of tools and techniques to help me to change my life and be a better and well integrated person. ( Levi Supriyadi, svd, Indonesian , missionary in PNG )

“ The quest of the human heart for well being, wholeness, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual integration, leading to inner freedom is at the heart and centre of being a Christian, following Christ who said.” I have come in order that you might have life, life in all its fullness.”
( Jn 10:10 )  …The Seminar workshop participants want to thank Sr. Desneiges  Giroux, DW and Bishop Gilles SMM for being Christ instruments for his priests.”  ( Fr.Michael Bora, Bougainville Diocese.)



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