Sr. Lise Le Riche DW


What do young people do on Saturday mornings? Do they sleep late, relax or listen to music? Will some of them courageously set off to participate in a reflection on religious life? Rare, unusual. Last Saturday, May 24, Beatrice, Liena and Marie-Hélène took up this challenge. They took the risk to take part in a vocation session “A Risk for God” organized by the Daughters of Wisdom in Sudbury.

The song “Lord, what you want me to do”, places us in the context of a relationship with God. A reflection invited the participants to choose among many values. Then, the choice became critical since each one had to favor only one. Which value directs my life now?  Then, another choice, that of the Word of God that enlightens it. How do values and Scripture shed light on our decisions? 

A visual presentation reminded each one their common vocation, the vocation to sainthood. For us, Christians, the starting point is baptism. The aim of the meeting was to present a particular vocation: religious life among the other states of life. The simplicity of the approach evoked what is familiar in this calling. The participants expressed their feelings and thought spontaneously. Their openness and generosity were touching. Joy sprang forth from the desire to live their values in the light of the Gospel! Two Sisters gave their testimony illustrating the beauty of a life risked for God.    

That was a good beginning. The atmosphere, the openness and the content were well appreciated by those who dared to take a risk on this Saturday morning. A second step in the fall will deepen specifically the life of a Daughter of Wisdom. Today, religious life is still a life choice for those who are called. Is it not a risk for God that is worth it?  Isn't it worth taking this risk for God? Isn't this risk worth taking for God? Isn’t this risk for God worth taking?