From Mission To Mission #5
November 18,2007 to March 12,2008
by Desneiges Giroux, fdls

Then I was looking forward to return to the Philippines after three months being a roaming Sister. February 5, 2008 I was back in Manila to process my Italian Visa which I obtain within 3 days I consider that  a miracle! Thank God because it allowed me to process other obligatory papers unexpected in my schedule.

It was a great joy to see my Sisters, the Friends of Wisdom and many other friends again. The blessing of the new SMM Novitiate and the Thanksgiving Mass of the newly ordained priest Fr. Melvin SMM allowed me to meet so many people.

My heart was now content and very joyful. On February 16,2008 I left the Philippines again to return to the Casa in Rome to animate a two weeks session with the Sisters of “L’ ANNEE SAGESSE”

It started on February 25 to end up on March 12, 2008. It was a delightful experience to journey with them, witnessing their personal discoveries through the process of the ENNEAGRAM . A “ CELEBRATION OF EXCHANGE OF GIFTS”  was held as a closing prayer of thanksgiving to God where each one presented her unique psychic and spiritual photo: an exchange of gifts.

I praise and thank the Lord through Mary, for all these opportunities that bring me in communion with special people and with God.

Desneiges Giroux,