Aurore Gagnon,fdls - Bishop Gilles Côté - Rhéa Giroux, fdls

On February 2-3, 2008, we all enjoyed the two days celebrating the Golden Jubilees of Aurore and Rhea.It was a gathering of joy where missionaries and people prayed together in a very meaningful,colourful, Eucharistic celebration, followed by light refreshments and the sharing of a beautifully decorated cake for all who attended. Then all the missionaries gathered together for the festive meal where each community brought a delicious dish savoured by everyone present including the special guests. The evening program highlighted the presence of the Jubilarians, and each community performed an artistic number including songs, dances, mimes etc…Before departing the joyful community there assembled, we all sang “ SALVE REGINA”. We felt like the first community, where it is said :”The  community of believers  was of one heart and mind“( Acts 4;32 )


Marie, Aurore, Rhéa

Aurore, Rhéa