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Voici l’allocution que Sœur Jocelyne Fallu, provinciale du Canada, adressera à la foule réunie samedi, le 20 juin 2009, pour la célébration du Jubilé de la présence montfortaine en «Papua New Guinea».

(Grande reconnaissance à S. Jeannette Roy qui s’est rendue rapidement disponible pour la traduction de ce texte !) CLIQUER ICI POUR LE TEXTE FRANÇAIS

 Dear People of Papua New Guinea, dear Missionaries,

 It gives me great pleasure to bring and to offer you, the People of the diocese of Daru-Kiunga, the best wishes, the love and the blessings of our Canadian Sisters, and most especially our fifty seven (57) PGN Canadian missionaries, to you all. 

It is a profound honour for me to bring to you this message of congratulations and of warm regards from our Sisters who have loved you dearly and who still carry you in their hearts, their prayers and their conversations. I am truly awestruck to witness God's work accomplished in God's People of PNG thanks to the commitment, the sacrifices and the sharing our the gifts our Montfortian Sisters, Priest and Brothers had received from our Loving God through their calling to serve you. 

St Paul in 2 Cor.,9, 6 tells us that  : «... the one who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully ...»

I will be able to witness to this truth when I return to my country with all that I see happening in your hearts, your parochial and pastoral involment, your human development enterprises ... all come alive in you and through you, People of God living in the Western Province. 

There is an old proverb that goes something like this : 

On an imposing construction site, some workers believed that they were       
    . laying bricks.
Others believed that they were       
    . building a wall.

Still others, the visionaries and the prophets, believed that they were building a cathedral!   clic HERE

Members of our Montfortian family, Sisters, Fathers and Brothers, are of this last group ... Yes, they believed that they were building a cathedral and so they sowed with abundance. 

And so, today, I am and you are witnesses to this great harvest ... God's harvest grown in your mist ! 

Congratulations on your Jubilee! In thanksgiving for the work of our Sisters, Priests and Brothers, I unite my best wishes to those of all the people gathered here today and to all who are united with us throughout the world. God's love to you all! 

Jocelyne Fallu, fdls
Responsable provinciale de la province canadienne  

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