Special Event in Blind River

Bienvenue - Welcome - Willkommen 

To Anne Sophie from Germany, to Kylie and to all the 72 participants of the Rotary Club International Student Exchange Program in our friendly little town of Blind River, Ontario.



The program has a two fold purpose :

1.  To promote international good will and understanding at the person to person level.

2. To provide the opportunity for study and international living abroad for a period of one year.


Our role in the community was to provide a bed and meals for two students from abroad  during three days as Host families among so many others.  This unique experience gave us a glimpse of the enormous task put into this organization.  Over 8,000 students live this exchange opprtunity in 200 countries per year.


As Daughters of Wisdom , we were privileged to open our door and our heart to the youth of the world by taking part in such an overwelming event!




The Community of Blind River
By Madeleine Tessier fdls




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