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The great city of Lima

Ruby,Krista,Marissa,Hélène,Alana,Chantale,Genevieve,Sr Lise - IN LIMA

 Ready to go .... by Krista

After much excitement the group was ready to go and explore the great city of Lima. After the long bus ride there, we were immediately attracted by the street vendors and their odd trinkets. We bought postcards and took many pictures of the amazing structures in the city. We decided to take a tour bus up a mountain called the Cerro San Cristobal. To get to the top of the mountain we had to drive around it, which took about 20 minutes. It was quite the rush not only because of the height but also the fact that the roads could barely fit two vehicles. As we passed another tour bus we crossed our fingers and prayed the bus wouldn’t tip over. It was quite the exciting experience! The view from the top was breathtaking and in the end we were glad we went up that mountain. 

 Monday came and we fell back into our normal “routine”. Marissa and Chantal would go and help with the 4th graders and the other girls would help at the school soup kitchen. Then in the afternoon the four student nurses would leave to help at the clinic in Huycan which is another huge slum city situated at a short bus ride from here. We get many invitations to attend different events. On Wednesday night we attended for the first time the rosary. A group of people from the mountain would gather in someone’s house and two Franciscan brothers attend and we all gathered to pray the rosary. On Thursday we were invited to lunch at the Daughters of Wisdom house in La Era de Ñaña where pre novices also live. Afterwards we were invited to go and visit a 23 year old woman named Lily. Lily is paraplegic. One year ago she was in a bus accident that caused her state. We all gathered in her tiny room and prayed with her. Despite her misgivings, hope was gleaming through her eyes. We were all in many different ways touched by her story. On Friday afternoon we were invited to attend a concert the girls from the Daughters of Wisdom College were putting on for their mothers. The concert consisted of many beautiful native dances. Girls from all groups of ages learned and perfected the dances. They were all decorated with beautiful and traditional costumes. There were many prizes that the mothers could win. There were about 30 baskets that consisted of everyday needs. It was wonderful to see all of the mothers sitting and beaming of pride as they watched their daughters perform native dances.

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